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Poultry Processing Plant

In 1994, we started our poultry processing plant in Ipoh. Subsequently in 2005, it was relocated to our state-of-the-art export standard poultry processing plant in Sitiawan, Perak, known as HARUMi Poultry Processing Plant, in an area of 7.23 acres with a production capacity of 4,000 birds per hour and storage capacity of 1,000 metric tonnes.



HARUMi Food Processing, is divided into 5 main areas, consisting of:

Receiving Area

Here we receive live chickens from the farm and hang them to go through the slaughter process. The chickens are calmed first before the slaughtering activity takes place which takes a minimum of 1 to 2 hours. Chickens will be bathed and cooled with fans for stress relief. QC will conduct an ante-mortem inspection to ensure that the chickens received are healthy.

What Makes Our Chickens Special ?

Halal Process

Halal Executives and the Muslim slaughtermen are involved in the Halal process and its integrity to maintain the Halal standard and produce Halal chickens for the consumers.

Slaughtering is one of the ways to kill animals and make the meat to be halal to be eaten. Slaughtering according to literature is Thayyib which means to make it nice. The second meaning is Tatmim which brings the meaning of perfection which is accomplishing what is recommended by the way of slaughtering. Slaughtering in terms of literature means cut or split to eliminate an animal’s life.

In terms of syara’ it means to eliminate animal’s life that is halal to be eaten by using sharp tool aside from nail, tooth, and bone to make the animal halal to be eaten by Muslim. However in Malaysia JABATAN KEMAJUAN ISLAM MALAYSIA (JAKIM) /JABATAN AGAMA ISLAM NEGERI JAIN/ MAJLIS AGAMA ISLAM NEGERI (MAIN) has set the slaughtering to be only done by using sharp knife.

Slaughterman also must be Muslim individual and Malaysian as well as owning the certification verified by JABATAN AGAMA ISLAM NEGERI (JAIN).

Quality Assurance

Throughout our entire processing system, we use Quality Assurance System to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

All workers are given food-handler training and Typhoid injection (TY2). All workers are also given Personal Hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) training to ensure all workers understand the regulation as food handlers and this will ensure the safety of food. In brief, personal hygiene training focuses on the worker’s hygiene, where the workers are being emphasized regarding their self and cloth hygiene. Meanwhile, GMP training focuses on the steps to prevent cross contamination. GMP also emphasizes the steps that can be taken if cross contamination occurs.
Process Quality Control
Critical Control Point
  1. Ante mortem inspection on live chicken will be carried out by Quality Control personnel

  2. Halal checkpoint to check the status of the chicken whether it is halal or not by Halal checker

  3. Product temperature is controlled below 4°C after the chilling process

  4. Chlorine concentration of 20 to 50 ppm are used for the purpose of killing bacteria

  5. Metal detector is used to detect any foreign object made from metal after packing
Equipment used is made from stainless steel which can be cleaned easily for the purpose to kill the microorganism, so the risk of cross contamination to the products can be eliminated.

Swab tests are done on food contact surfaces (shaker, conveyor, tray, tables etc) to maintain cleanliness standards.

Production room temperatures are to be maintained at below 14˚C throughout the process.
Finished product
Samples are sent following a regular schedule to an external lab, internal lab and authority lab to obtain a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure products are free from bacteria such as Total Plate Count (TPC), Coliform, Escherichia coli (E.coli), S. Aureus and Salmonella, antibiotic residue and banned drugs.

Products temperature are maintained at below 4˚C for chilled and below -18˚C for frozen in respective storage area.

Our Certifications

We’ve also adopted the Halal in our manufacturing. All of our products are certified HALAL by JAKIM and are in strict compliance with the Malaysian HALAL Standard MS 1500:2009.

Our Clients

We’ve also adopted the Halal in our manufacturing. All of our products are certified HALAL by JAKIM and are in strict compliance with the Malaysian HALAL Standard MS 1500:2009.

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