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HARUMi Brands is one of the major halal food producers in Malaysia. Our facilities incorporate the latest technology available to produce consistent, superior quality and healthy poultry products for our consumers.

The Components


Formulated by a nutritionist, our feed contains imported corn, soya, essential vitamins and probiotics.


It takes 25 weeks for chicks to mature enough to lay an egg, and 21 days for eggs to hatch.


It takes 35 days to farm a standard 2kg mature chicken. This process is monitored by animal health specialists.

Poultry Processing Plant

Our poultry processing plant are all Japan and YUM approved and food safety certified.

Our Feedmill


Our feedmill plant, HARUMi Feedmill, started operations in 2002. It is currently located in Sitiawan, Perak in an area of ​​4.64 acres with a capacity of 12-15 metric tonnes per hour.

Day-Old-Chicks (DOC)

Ross and Cobb broilers are the main choice for broiler breeders because these breeds gain weight quickly and are slaughtered earlier due to their optimum flesh formation at a young age. This offers breeders with quicker solutions for their needs.

Live Broiler Chicken


To ensure only a high standard of live broilers chickens sourced from our suppliers, the broiler farmers are required to meet the necessary requirements imposed by us and the relevant government authorities in their productions.

As most of our suppliers operate in a closed-house farming system, the live broiler chickens live in optimal condition with automated evaporative cooling systems, as well as feeding and drinking systems which are in line with animal welfare and health safety standards.

Certified by MyGAP, our suppliers ensure that the live broiler chickens are safe to be consumed and meet the international standards for the production of quality livestock including livestock health management program, biosecurity program, sanitary program as well as farm-waste and pollution management program.

Poultry Processing Plant


In 1994, we started our poultry processing plant in Ipoh. Subsequently in 2005, it was relocated to our state-of-the-art export standard poultry processing plant in Sitiawan, Perak, known as HARUMi Poultry Processing Plant, in an area of 7.23 acres with a production capacity of 4,000 birds per hour and storage capacity of 1,000 metric tonnes.


Product Development

HARUMi’s R&D department is in charge of creating new products to meet and surpass customers’ desires. We are committed to consistently improve our existing line of products through meticulous research to rectify and optimize the standard of operations in the HARUMi production line.

Our R&D process consists of conducting market research to identify trends and customer demands, which leads to the start of product development. Sensory and consumer sampling are conducted with a controlled testing group to ensure the products are up to required standards. Our team then comes up with costing development on all aspects from production to commercialisation. A market study on the greenlit product is then conducted for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months to monitor and further improve the product.  

Laboratory & Diagnostics


HARUMi Brands Quality Control Laboratory, which was established in 2006, plays a role in conducting analysis and diagnostics to support the entire system of high-quality chicken production. Our quality control program covers all parts from the feedmill plant, our suppliers’ broiler farms, and poultry processing plant to finished products. We conduct several types of quality control analysis in our labs, namely bacteriology, serology, parasitology, virology, mycotoxicology and food composition.

Our laboratory is equipped with high-tech equipment including real time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), Near Infrared (NIR), UV spectrophotometers, biosafety cabinets, enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) machines, incubators and autoclaves to ensure that each process and production of HARUMi products meets the hygiene and safety standards of the relevant government authorities and quality & food safety management certification bodies.

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